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Storage Tips
Storage Tips

Don't store combustible or perishable goods such as fuel or food items.

For security, store valuables towards the back of the unit with bigger appliances and furniture close to the front.

Check to see if your home insurance covers your stored belongings.  If not, consider obtaining it through a third party.  Insurance is not provided by Ables Mini Storage.

Be sure to add family or close friends as same-access-rights to your contract.  This can be helpful in the event that they need access or information when you're away.

Keep objects dry when moving into the unit and avoid plastic covering to prevent moisture accumulation.  Instead, use cloth to cover possessions and keep items off the ground when possible.

What size fits your needs?

Size:                    5 X 10
Equivalent:         50 sq. ft.   Walk-in closet
What might fit:
Mattress set, sofa, chest of drawers, dining room set or about 100 file boxes.

Size:                   10 X 10
Equivalent:        100 sq. ft.  Average size bedroom
What might fit:
The furnishings of a one-bedroom apartment with refrigerator, washer & dryer, and patio furniture or about 200 file boxes.

Size:                   10 X 20
Equivalent:        200 sq. ft.  One-car garage
What might fit: 

The furnishings of a three or four-bedroom house with major appliances, garage extras, boxes, and miscellaneous items or business files and inventory.

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